Máy quét mã vạch cố định 1D tốc độ cao dòng MV40

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  • MV40
  • Trung Quốc
  • quét thông tin
  • 5-7 ngày làm việc/100 đơn vị
  • Cổng bàn phím USB, Cổng nối tiếp mô phỏng USB, Cổng nối tiếp
  • 24 tháng

Chi tiết

The MV40 series is a high-speed one-dimensional barcode reader in the infoscan product line designed for the IVD (In Vitro Diagnostics) field. The MV40 features a high-speed acquisition capability of 800 scans per second, good depth of field for reading, and meets the requirements for mid to long-range scanning. It offers models for forward scanning (MV40) and side scanning (MV40S). Suitable for various scenarios such as tube rotation scanning, rack (multi-row) movement scanning, and turntable (multi-loop) scanning.

Product Features
High-speed acquisition rate and motion adaptabilityOptimized decoding algorithm for reading one-dimensional barcodes on test tubes

An acquisition rate of 800 scans per second meets the high-speed rotation requirements in the IVD industry. High-speed reading of tube rack barcodes. High-speed turntable application.

Optimized algorithm for poor-quality barcodes such as reflective, high-density, damaged, low-contrast, ensuring high decoding accuracy.

Low power and wide voltageMid to long-range code reading

Support for 5-24VDC power supply

Adaptable to multiple rows of test tube racks or dual-ring rotating disc code reading scenarios.

Application Scenarios
Self-rotation reading for test tubesManual push-to-read for test tube racks (multi-row)
Automatic push-to-read for test tube racks (multi-row)Continuous reading for rotating disc (multi-row)

Standard Model Configuration
MV40 Series
Specifications and ModelsSensor Types
Scanning Methods
Light Source TypeDescriptio
MV40-1100CCDFront light outputWhite light
MV40 high-speed CCD front scan white light illumination model
MV40S-1100CCDSide light outputWhite lightMV40S high-speed CCD side scan white light illumination model

Technical Specifications
Sensor Type2000 CCD
Scan Speed800 times/s
Scanning Direction

MV40 :Front light output

MV40S:Side light output

Field of View Angle60°(horizontal)
Trigger ModeCommand trigger; I/O trigger; Continuous reading mode
IlluminationWhite light
Communication InterfaceCommand trigger; I/O trigger; Presentation mode; Continuous reading mode; Key trigger
Power Supply Method5-24VDC / USB Power
Power ConsumptionStandby: 2.6 w; Operational: 3.2 w (Note: Under 24VDC operating condition)
Number of Input Signals1
Type of Input SignalNPN or PNP
Effective Voltage of Input Signal NPN: ≤16VDC, PNP: ≥5VDC (Max: 24VDC)
Number of Output Signals2
Type of Output SignalsVoltage signal
Output Load CapacityMaximum: 100mA@24VDC 
Shell MaterialAluminum alloy
Weight135g (excluding cables)
Dimensions (L x W x H)



Operating Temperature0 ~ 50 ℃
Storage Temperature-40 ~ 70 ℃
Relative Humidity0 ~ 85% Non-condensing
IP RatingIP54
Drop ResistanceCan withstand multiple impacts from a 1.2-meter height dropped onto a cement floor
CertificationsCE, RoHS, etc.
Readable Barcode TypesCodabar、Code39、Code93、 Interleaved2of5、 Straight2of5Indust ial、 Straight2of5IATA, Matrix2of5, Code11、Code128、 GS1-128、UPC-A、 UPC-E、EAN/JAN-8、EAN/JAN-13、MSI、 GS1DataBarOmnidirectional、 GS1DataBarLimited、 GS1DataBar Expanded、ChinaPost(HongKong2of5)etc.
Highest Reading Accuracy


Typical Reading Distance (6mil Code 128)

MV40 :40-240 mm

MV40S :35-250 mm


MV40 (Front light output)

Fixed Mount Reader

MV40S (Side light output)

Fixed Scanner

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